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About us

In 1979, Dr. Betty Evans received a prophesy that she would lead a great people and impact the world for Christ’s sake. She was ever faithful over the work that God placed in her hands as she assisted many pastors in areas where her husband was stationed around the US. In the San Antonio area, she assisted then chaplain, currently Bishop David and Dr. Claudette Copeland, at Randolph Air Force Base before they started New Creation Christian Fellowship Ministries. Pastor Betty worked in the ministry of Bishop C.M. Collins when he was at Fort Sam Houston before he founded Whole Life Christian Church. In 1995, Storehouse Ministry Fellowship was founded by Dr. Betty Vaughn Evans and her husband co-pastor Robert Evans, Sr. The Evans family suffered great personal tragedy in 1996 and a few years later, after 25 years of marriage, their marriage ended. Realizing the hardship of being a sole female pastor, Dr. Evans and her children remained true to the call God placed upon their lives to lead others.


As pastor of a multicultural, inter-racial, non-denominational church, Dr. Evans works diligently to preach, teach and live the word of God in its fullness. Her kingdom teaching includes Hebraic, Aramaic and Greek languages. Pastor Evans is known throughout the states as an expert in eschatological studies, New Age philosophies, and demonology. God continues to give the increase as the size of the ministry has grown from a dozen people at the inception to hundreds of members. Shortly before the tragedy of 911, God pressed Pastor Betty to find a larger facility and we opened the doors a few days before the tragedy. People who had no church home found their way to the Storehouse and the place was filled before the first service was held as we ministered to the hurt, the confused, the frightened and the depressed.


In 2005, the church was renamed Storehouse Ministries Fellowship International (SMFI), as Dr. Evans began to step into the mandate God revealed to her decades before. At present, SMFI frees slaves in Sudan and flies displaced Jews back to their homeland while Pastor Betty travels the continental US preaching wherever God leads her. Everyone who covenants with this ministry is blessed. The Pastor’s mandate, to seek first the kingdom of God, opens the hand of God to deliver, to set free and to prosper us. Members have tumors, arthritis, and depression disappear. Families come together. Prisoners are released. One female member was declared dead by several doctors and rose from the dead when the Pastor called out in the emergency room to her that her purpose was not yet fulfilled on this earth.


We have outreach ministries to the elderly (nursing home), to the prisoners (Bexar County facilities), to the children (school supplies drives, tutoring, vacation bible school), and to the homeless (blanket drives, food drives). We have dance, cheer and step teams who perform in church and compete statewide. In addition, we offer life skills training, health fairs, job fairs and entrepreneurial training. Most recently, we initiated a men’s mentor-ship program to provide positive father figures and male role models for the youth. We believe in working as the body of Christ for our sweat produces salt and we are the salt of the world. We believe that we are victorious in all things through the blood of Jesus Christ.

our leadership:

Dr. Betty Vaughn Evans

Lead Pastor

Dr. Jo Dee


Associate Pastor

Damon Harris

Associate Pastor

Rosalind Clark

Minister &

Church Administrator

Tarina Jackson

Minister &

Worship Leader

Hope Busby

Sunday School


Tasha Wilson

Evangelist & Director of Women's Ministry


Tezna Harris

Associate Pastor

Rochelle Evans

Youth Pastor &

Event Coordinator

Kenjuan Logan

Director of

Men's Ministry

Tessia Thomas

Social Media


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