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This book can change your life if you allow the anointed revelation of God’s word to touch your heart and influence your actions. As a historian and theologian, Dr. Evans guides you through the annals of time with a unique spiritual message about God’s relationship with his greatest creation, mankind. This book will reveal deep spiritual and psychological insight on God’s overall design in creating mankind and in addressing mankind’s issues.


As you read this book, you will come to realize the answers to many questions you have asked yourself about race relations and the current state of world affairs. If all believers follow the anointed counsel of Dr. Evans, the result would be a stronger church with greater respect and appreciation for the contributions of each individual. With a fresh word from God, mount up on the wings of eagles to bring about a greater harmony among all members of the body of Christ.


Dr. Betty Vaughn Evans is a living example of one who overcame the crush of poverty and discrimination to become a powerful prophetic leader of God’s people. From her humble beginnings in Mobile, Alabama to her ever-increasing visibility as a mouthpiece of God, Dr. Evans promotes human rights, advancement through education and economic well-being through sanctification and obedience to God’s word.


Dr. Evans pastors a church comprised of blacks, whites and Hispanics; of the haves and the have-nots; and of the young and the old. Her vision is to impact and enrich the lives of others by equipping them with the spiritual, mental, physical, social and psychological tools to fulfill their manifest destiny. You can hear her broadcasts nationally and worldwide as she urges all to a higher destiny; to invoke a more noble expression of mankind.


Her greatest commitment, aside from spreading the gospel, is to prevent the negative societal classification of young children. Dr. Evans resides in San Antonio, Texas with her three children and eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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